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5100 The Manual for Manufactured/Mobile Home Repair & Upgrade.

A must for the do-it-yourselfer or industry professional. Shipped Priority Mail. Was $34.95, Sale Price $24.95.
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mobile home repair manual R54-252 Washing Machine Absorption Pads.

Does your whole house shake when your washing machine is in the spin cycle? Does your machine walk? Minimize walking and shaking with a set of 2x2x3/8" vibration pads. Also helps prevent floor damage. Perfect for front loaders. Simply put one under each leg of your washing machine. Durable. Lifetime warranty. More styles of vibration pads found here. Your price $7.96 per set of 4.
Absorption pads for washing machine.
H85-428 26" Long Pilot Ignitor

26" long professional butane pilot lighter. Flame never blows out. 15" flexible tip plus 11" handle. Refillable, adjustable flame, safety lock, uses one AA battery (included). Great for lighting furnaces, water heaters, grills, fireplaces, candles, lanterns, etc. List price $99.00. Your price $52.76.
Long length butane pilot lighter ignitor. Thin Wall Anchors.

For hanging pictures on thin or hollow walls. Includes 10 anchors with screws. Your price $5.95 per 10.
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thin wall anchors
306MBL Automatic Skirting Vent.

Automatic foundation and skirting vent opens fully at approximately 70 degrees and closes fully at approximately 40 degrees. Black plastic body with aluminum louvers. Fits in an 8" x 16" opening. No electricity or batteries needed. Your price $28.75 each.
Automatic Foundation Vent 020-126 Fresh Cab Mouse & Rodent Repellent

Earth-Kind Fresh Cab repells mice and rodents from campers, RV's, storage units, tractors, basements & other enclosed areas. Effective for several months. Your price $23.74.
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Fresh Cab mouse and rodent repellent
download store An Inexpensive Metal Roof You Can Install Yourself.

DOWNLOAD ONLY. Booklet describes how to build a new roof with materials bought at a local lumberyard. Your price $3.95 each..
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metal roof book Removable Clear Caulk.

Perfect for sealing leaks in windows, outlets etc. Simply apply using a caulk gun. Next spring just peel away. Leaves no marks. Your price 2 tubes for $13.00.
removable caulk

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5110K Manufactured Home Releveling Kit.

Includes detailed instructions and a waterline level. Your price $24.95 each.
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releveling kit 5110BWL Basic Waterline Level

Two ends that converts any garden hose into a waterline level. Your price $14.00 each.
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Manufactured Home Set-up Manual.

Manufactured Home Installation Training Manual written by HUD. 188 pages, revised in April 1999. Discusses proper installation and set-up of a manufactured home including site prep, foundations and much more. Your price $17.95 each.
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Manufactured home training manual A12 Deluxe Waterline Level. (NLA)

The only way to relevel your mobile home. Much easier to use than the basic waterline level sold above. Includes 1/2 gallon reservoir, 50' clear tubing, 12" scale, pinch clamp, die & instructions. Click on picture for product view. Limited to quality on hand. No Longer Available
Mobile home water level
Repairing Your Rotten Floor.

DVD shows how to fix a soft floor underneath your toilet. 9 page booklet full of pictures shows floor repair in other rooms. Temporarily Unavailable.
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rotten floor video Foam Furnace Filter.

Replaces foam filter in furnace or a/c. 19"x35", cut to fit if necessary. Wire clips also available here. Your price $8.95 each.
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Manufactured home additions and roofed decks.

Manual gives instructions on how to build additions for a mobile home. 107 pages. Your price $24.95 each.
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addition manual 5005 Vinyl Skirting Repair Kit.

8" x 24" white piece of UV protected adhesive permanently seals cracks and holes in vinyl skirting and siding. You cut to fit. Repairs multiple holes. Your price $16.95.
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Skirting repair photo not available
Painting and Texturing Paneled Walls.

Give your paneling new life with this DVD. Temporarily unavailable.
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Textured walls DVD Windrods for Vinyl Skirting.

Bundle of 30 windrods. 12" long. Slides into seam of skirting panels, hooks into lip of the top track. Helps prevent skirting blow-out. Other lengths also available. Click 'Add to Cart' for more options. Your price $39.00.
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Windrods for vinyl skirting.
MTM1028 Moisture Tester.

Moisture test meter helps determine if you have a moisture problem in your siding, floors, walls, attic and anywhere else. Perfect for mobile homes. Detects moisture in wood, sheet rock, carpets & more. Simply prick the surface with prong and read the meter. Simple and easy to understand. If your moisture reading is higher than 15%, you have a problem. Requires one 9-volt battery (not included). Your price $75.97 each.
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Mobile home moisture meter Adjustable Drawer Socket.

Rear drawer socket adjusts left to right. Available in 2 sizes. Click 'more info' link below for details. Your price $7.88 per pair.
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Adjustable drawer socket bar guide
Ceiling Fan Support Bar.

Support bar installs without tearing open ceiling. Remove existing electrical box, stick bar in hole, center between ceiling joists and twist turnbuckle to secure. Your price $24.95 each.
Ceiling fan bar. OS48B brown floor register

Overstock sale!! Brown floor register fits in a 4x8 opening. Front plate measures 5-3/4 x 10. Opens and closes. Holes predrilled for the option of screwing in place. Screws not included. Metal construction. Now $10.62.
Brown 4x8 mobile home floor register.
Adjustable Outrigger.

Adjustable diagonal strut helps align windows and doors. Use instead of perimeter blocks that work until the home shifts. Raise rim joist with jack and set outrigger in place. 36" long. If too long, cut to fit. Two outriggers per door or window are recommended. Instructions included. Your price $22.95 each.
Mobile home wall support 601181 sink basket strainer

3" Sink strainer basket. Fits mobile home and RV sinks. Aluminum construction with rubber stopper. Stopper measures 1-3/4" diameter. Center post is flat and measures 5/16" wide x 1/8" thick. Your price $4.96 each.
Adjustable mobilehome outrigger
5822 Good-Bye Cracks

4% spray can of elastic film prevents cracks from reappearing. Spray 2 coats and paint. Perfect for walls and ceiling sheetrock cracks that come and go with the seasons. Sprays on like paint, dries like rubber. Click on picture to read back of can. $7.79 each
Wall & Ceiling Crack Repair 5020A Stay-Put Spray Adhesive.

15oz can of clear Stay-Put adhesive is like a superior sprayable contact cement. Spray both surfaces and stick together after 2-4 minutes. Great for underbelly repair. Adheres tub surrounds, laminates, tiles, mirrors, edging, plastics, cloth, vinyl and surfaces where a strong bond is needed. Do not use on surfaces that are exposed to intense sunlight. Your price $26.29.
Extreme belly repair kit.


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